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Behind The Play: "The Dunk" - Marc Skelton (Head Coach, Fannie Lou Freedom High School)

There is probably a good chance many people have not heard about Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School that sits tucked away on Jennings Street in the South Bronx. But for the just under 500 students who attend, their parents, faculty, returning alums, and community who proudly represents Fannie Lou, it's simply known as home and the home court of the Panthers. Last season the team put together one of the most memorable years in school history. Fannie Lou won the 2017 NYC PSALC title over South Bronx Prep, earning the program its second championship and giving the Panthers a chance for people to remember their name by sealing the victory with an alley-oop with just under 53 seconds left to play: Shamar Carpenter to Charles Davis...The Dunk
Along with honoring the play submitted by head coach Mark Skelton, the team work, and that championship moment, we're also going behind the play with Coach Skelton and Fannie Lou Freedom High School...

The Dunk encapsulated an incredible season. I couldn't think of a better way to end a championship game than a perfectly timed alley-opp.

There are a million ways that play could have unfolded. In someways it is almost a cliche, there's a Hollywood moment there, and yet it really happened. There's even a t-shirt I can wear with the play on it. I have a deep conviction that team basketball trumps hero-basketball. The ball zipped up the court and found the open man. Simple. The Dunk, well that was poetic. I've spent months writing and rewriting this season so there multiple memories. 

The Dunk is indelible for sure, but the pure joy on the faces of my team after the game is something every coach chases. 


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