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108 Years... Over! (Cubs)

Their 108 year championship draught, over. Longest in professional sports. Great players who'd never tasted a championship: Banks, Williams, Santo, Jenkins, Dawson, Sandberg, Maddux, and hundreds more. This series, too, went as long as it could, taking seven games to end the agony. The final game went ten innings - naturally. Including a rain delay after the ninth. Naturally. Anything the baseball gods could do to extend winlessness for this most loveable team and franchise.

The seventh game seemed a cake-walk as Chicago led off the game with a home run (Fowler); led 3-1 after four innings, and 6-3 after six. The sky then started to fall. Cleveland rallied to a 6-6 tie after eight, and had the momentum on their side. And the rain came down. But it was a rain to end a draught, not to continue one. In the tenth inning, Series MVP Ben Zobrist hit this go-ahead double, driving in Kyle Schwarber who had singled to start the 10th. They would add to the lead with an R.B.I. single (Montero), giving the CHAMPIONS some insurance which - of course - they would need!