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The Flip (Jeter)

It was the 7th inning of the 3rd game of this American League Division Series contest. The batter hit a hard ground ball down the line into the right field corner. The runner on first base sprinted past second and was waived around third base to home plate. The right fielder’s throw missed both cutoff men, but the future Hall of Fame shortstop, well-trained and perfectly positioned in anticipation of such an event, bare-handed the overthrown ball on the first bounce and gracefully flipped the ball back-handed in full stride at least 20 feet to the catcher, who then tagged the runner out at home plate. This play changed the momentum of the series in favor of the away team and supports the old adage that “defense wins games.” It is one of the most iconic plays of this shortstop’s illustrious career. Playmaker: Pete C.