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Through His Legs (Mets Win!)

THROUGH THE LEGS! Behind 5-3 in the 10th inning of Game 6 of the World Series, the home team’s backs were against the wall. The American League visitors were twice a pitch away from winning their first championship in 68 years. After an unlikely wild pitch, the senior circuit team scored their second run of the inning, tying the ballgame 5-5.

And then it happened. The next hitter chopped a 3-2 pitch down the first base line. The hobbled veteran first baseman, with two bad ankles, bent down too slowly, allowing the ball to find its way through his legs. The runner on second rounded third and scored to win the game. The Mets went on to win the 7th and deciding game, securing the franchise’s second glorious World Series championship. Playmaker: Pete C.