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Buzzer Beater (Univ. Rochester vs Univ. Chicago, Borst-Smith to Montague, 2016)

You probably wouldn't believe it unless you've seen it. And with this XvsOsports shirt honoring the University of Rochester, here's your chance to re-live one of the biggest game-winners in program history.

It was February 7, 2016, and Rochester was in a tough battle down to the wire against University of Chicago, who forced overtime with a game-tying 3-pointer. Turnabout is fair play. With 2.7 left in overtime and Chicago leading 76-73, the Yellowjackets sent All-American Sam Borst-Smith to the freethrow line where the guard sank the first one before missing his second attempt on purpose. The ball hit the front of the rim and returned to Borst-Smith, who kicked it to the corner for an open three-pointer by Mack Montague.

Buzzer beater!

The three-pointer from the corner won the game in thrilling fashion for Rochester and makes for a memorable shot (and shirt!).