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Corner 3 (Brandyn Curry, Groningen Netherlands DBL Championship)


(2-Time Dutch Basketball League Champion, MVP & All-Star Guard) 

Hopewell, NC High School all-everything, Harvard star and Holland superstar Brandyn Curry's smooth lefty game-winning three-pointer on March 20, 2018 brought the Arena to its feet in another memorable Dutch Basketball League championship game for Donar Groningen. It was also an unforgettable year for Curry, who blossom on the basketball court (16.2 points and 6.5 assists per game in 8 playoff games) and received MVP and All-Star honors.

XvsO Sports is thrilled to partner with former Harvard University standout guard and current European basketball star, Brandyn Curry on his personal basketball collection.  

The left-handed sharpshooter and all-everything from Hopewell High School, went from leading his Senior team to an undefeated State Championship in North Carolina, to emerging as a Champion, MVP and All-Star in the Netherlands.

Check out this monster left-handed dunk form Brandyn's college days! A Harvard man (and team co-captain), it could not have happened against a more prized opponent!

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At this time, we are also proud to announce that Brandyn Curry is teaming up with Full Court Peace, (Instagram) a 501c3 a non-profit founded by shooting coach and Harvard alum, Mike Evans. Full Court Peace (FCP) works with both inner-city youth around the US through basketball and social good, including refurbishing basketball courts, conducting basketball camps and providing basketball outreach through clothing/shoe drives and made-over basketball courts around the world (Belfast, Cuba, Mexico).  Follow Full Court Peace on Instagram.

XvsO Sports and Brandyn are happy to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts to Full Court Peace. 

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