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Game Winner (Curry for Den Bosch over Tartu, Estonia)

"Tartu, a FIBA EuroCup team from Estonia, was known for being a team that moved the play quick and shot a ton of threes. They sure did live up to that reputation. They came out firing on all cylinders and were up double-digits after the first quarter. They swung the ball around the wing and drove to kick the ball out unlike any team I had ever seen before. All five of their players on the court could shoot and they hit at least 10 three-pointers in the first half. We were down at one point by 17-points before battling back to gain the lead in the fourth. The game looked like it was going to come down to the wire.

With under 2 minutes left in the game, it was all tied up. We exchanged free-throws and three-pointers, and we took the lead, 76-74, with 48 seconds left in the game. After a time out, Tartu hit a huge contested 3 to give them the lead and we missed our attempt on the other end, so we had to foul with only 3 seconds on the clock.

It seemed like our chances of winning were slim.

The point guard from Tartu missed both free-throws, we grabbed the rebound, and the ball was kicked-out to me. I raced down the court and got a big screen from our center, Reggie Johnson. After coming off I planted on my left foot, stepped back and let the jump shot go just like I've practiced hundreds of times in the offseason. We won 78-77 and I had officially hit my first game winner!" -- Brandyn Curry

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