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Last Shot (Jordan Game 6)

With little time left in the championship’s 6th game, he had already scored 43 points. The only thing on their opponents’ mind with the game on the line: keep the ball out of his hands. His team up by a single point 87-86 with 17 seconds left, the player, also one of the greatest defenders to ever shred an offense, stripped the ball from a near-equal Hall of Famer under the opponent’s basket. Keeping it in his own hands and protecting it as he moved down court, he unleashed a vicious cross-over move sending his defender falling off to the right side. He then elevated, let it go, and drained the shot from outside the foul line putting his team up by 3. A second Hall of Famer opponent, the brilliant assist man and 3-point artist, launched a final attempt at the buzzer from outside the key, but it was not to be. Game over. 6th championship. Jordan, best ever. Playmaker: Ian M.