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Senior Legacy in Upstate New York (Gerry McNamara)

Though coming off a buzzer-beater victory the day before, most people believed this upstate New York team’s season was coming to an end. In the quarterfinals of the conference tournament they were up against their arch rivals from the Nutmeg State. As the tournament top seed and boasting a Top 5 national rank, most knowledgeable fans assumed that the upstate upstart would not pull another win. But this gutsy team wasn’t going to give up no matter how much talent their foes possessed. Surprising everyone but themselves, they came out strong, taking a big lead to start the game. They held on to their lead but lost it with 30 seconds left to play. At 11.2 remaining, they needed to pull off something magical. Could their “overrated” senior leader repeat yet another miracle shot? Down three, he caught the ball after a series of passes up the court. Keeping his defender guessing on his next move, he pulled up from 30 feet out and sank a three pointer with 5 seconds remaining to send the game into overtime. They went on to win the game 86-84, and the tournament. The senior was named its Most Outstanding Player, leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten.

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