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The Lefty Drains it with 0.4 Left (Fisher)

With 11.5 seconds left, the visiting team’s leader executed the pick and roll to perfection, drained his jumper and put his team on top, 72-71. Game over? Not by a long shot. Not to be outdone, the opponent’s team leader, among the most elite centers to ever take the court, gained the inbounds pass while tightly defended by his even larger and equally elite opponent. The thinner giant dribbled and drained an off-balance and long two-pointer with .4 seconds left. Game over? No. Of course not! With .32 seconds left (point three two!), the short lefty guard with the unique launch received the inbounds pass in the set position, jumped, shot and drained the incredible shot that finally, with no time left – Yes! – ended the game. Playmaker: Ian M.