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Hanley's Walk Off

September at Fenway. The Bronx Bombers in town. Sox in first place, while the Yanks, once a non-factor, now creeping back into the picture lurking just 4 games back. New York was in control of this one from the beginning, knocking out Boston’s starter after just 2 1/3 innings while building a 5-1 lead by the seventh inning. But the home town team began chipping away, hopping on David Ortiz’ back as he smacked a solo home run in the eighth inning (surpassing Yankee immortal Mickey Mantle’s 536 career home runs).


The atmosphere now? Electric! And then, Hanley Ramirez did it. Ninth inning. Two outs, with two men on. This walk-off, monster home run to center field. Sox win 7-5! Said Mr. Ramirez after the game, “I was trying to go to the moon.” And so he did, while their arch-rivals went to five games back with time quickly running out.