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Greatest Steal Ever (Roberts)

The home team was down 3 games to none and behind 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th of this American League championship game that seemed destined to be their last. Hope was all but lost. The spirited lead off hitter reached first on a walk and was replaced by the speedster, who had been acquired at the trade deadline (for precisely such a situation). The best closer of all time tried to keep the runner close, sending the ball to first base 3 times before his first pitch. A long lead; left leg bent, with spike firmly planted for maximum grip, the speedster took off at the closer’s wind-up, and slid his left hand onto second base just ahead of the tag. He would score the tying run, sending the game to extra innings. The home team won that game on their slugger's greatest home run - and then the next three - to take the championship in 7 games. They then swept their World Series opponents in 4 games, winning their first World Series in 86 years - all ignited by perhaps the most important stolen base of all time. Playmaker: Pete C.