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4th October, 1996: The world was awed by a subtle looking teenager, who had just smashed the fastest century in cricket at the time. At 16 years old, Shahid Afridi hit 11 sixes (another record) to reach his milestone mark in 37 deliveries. He held the record for the fastest 100 for 17 years, till it was broken by Corey Anderson of New Zealand (36 balls in Jan 2014).
In a match where Pakistan had to win big against Sri Lanka in order to get a better net run rate to qualify for the final, 'Boom-Boom' Afridi, as he is
popularly known as today, was born.
Rumour has it that captain Saeed Anwar saw Afridi smashing it in
the nets the previous day, and told him he was promoting him up the order, to bat at no.3, as Anwar wanted to get a big score to defend against his world class bowling attack. After coming on to bat he hit his first delivery for a 6, one amongst 11 in the blitzkrieg innings. The Sri-Lankan bowling, boasting a certain Muttiah Muralidharan (highest wicket taker EVER with 1334 wickets), was being treated with chaos from Afridi, nobody knowing where to bowl to him. Eventually what seemed like merely seconds into his innings, Afridi raised his bat for the fastest century in cricket ever, at the tender age of 16, and it being his very first innings holding a bat in the game.
In this play, we have created a wagon-wheel of all the eleven 6's and five 4's Afridi hit in his innings.
Shahid who? Shahid Boom-Boom Afridi.
It is players like Afridi that made cricket so pleasurable to watch. We hope you are enjoying your retired life, Shahid, because we definitely aren't!