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4th and 8 (Vince Young- 2006 Rose Bowl, Texas vs USC)

During his college quarterback days at Texas, Vince Young was "The Man".

This touchdown run at the end of the 2006 Rose Bowl was just another example of Young's incredible athletic ability on the field. With 19 seconds left in the game and on 4th down, Young made his eight-yard run for a touchdown, giving Texas the National Championship over USC. It was a comeback win (41-38) for the history books. The remarkable finish gave Texas their first National Championship since 1970 and also ended USC's 34-game win-streak.

The game was one of the most anticipated match-ups in National Championship history: USC was the PAC-10 and the defending national champions, Texas led the Big-12 and had won the Rose Bowl the previous year.

On the night, Vince Young rushed for 200 yards, passed for 267 yards, and earned his second straight Rose Bowl MVP award, thanks to his 8-yard touchdown run.