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95 Yard Return Nails it (Kenyan Drake)

Amazing! This was a college national football championship for the ages. But special teams ended up being the difference in this game between the two top teams in the land. At 7:31 left in the 4th, the world witnessed this truly amazing 95-yard kickoff return, as the returner took the ball at the 5; stoked his way past several defenders going from right to left across the field; turned on his after-burners to break past the defense, and while running out of steam, barely kept his left foot inbounds as he dove with body and arms in mid-air inside the pylon – just barely – capping one of college football’s greatest-ever games with one of its greatest-ever runs, and giving the team from Tuscaloosa their 4th national championship in 7 years. Playmaker: Chris S.