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Jimmy G, First TD (Garoppolo to Hogan)

He may just have signed the largest contract in NFL history, but he was once the untested QB filling in for Tom. Save $3.00 on this collector's item shirt: Jimmy G's first TD. Use this discount code at checkout: WearThePlay


His front line? Two rookie guards and both starting tackles out due to injuries. Best tight end ever, out too. What is Jimmy G to do? His first clutch pass was good for 11 yards on third and 10 to all-world receiver Julian Edelman. Later in the drive, a 21-yard completion on first and 19. And finally, his first TD of the season, this 37-yard pass to Chris Hogan on second and 4. Pats win 23-21. Game ball, Garoppolo. Where could he go from there?