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Like a Runaway Truck (Brady to Gronkowski)

On this Sunday night, an unheralded running back from New England would score 4 touchdowns and run for 201 yards. But the play of the game belonged to Rob Gronkowski. At 6:46 in the fourth quarter their best-ever quarterback took the snap at the opponent’s 26 yard line, dropped back to the 34 and found the game’s toughest-ever receiver on the left side at the 20 yard line. Gronkowski spun around the first defender; held on tight as a second defender tried to strip the ball and failed; outran the third; jumped over a fourth and went head-over-heals past a fifth, tumbling to the end zone turf for the amazing score.


Speaking on the sidelines moments later, said he: “I don’t even know how I did it.” Neither do we. It’s just what he does, better than anyone else.