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o jogo bonito, Brasil (Pelé to Carlos Alberto, 1972)

o jogo bonito. The Beautiful Game. A game of skill, precision, and excellence. O jogo bonito was on full display with this final goal during its 4-1 victory over Italy in the 1970 World Cup Final. Upon gaining possession, eight players from the Brazilian National Team would touch the ball as the team displayed extraordinary skills, spacing, field vision, teamwork and touch.

Gaining possession outside their 18 yard box, Clodoaldo would be the fourth player to receive the ball, zigging and zagging past four players like a ghost, and passing to Rivelino, who passed the ball swiftly up the left wing to Jairzinho. He retained possession, moved toward center and passed to Pele, who set up Carlos Alberto with a firm, simple and stunningly perfect right instep pass to just inside the box. With one touch Alberto crushed the ball (right foot) like a laser into the deepest back corner of the goal. O jobo bonito! Playmaker: Chris S.