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Today’s math teacher : Yuvraj

The inaugural Twenty-20 world cup was probably the best one yet, and a contributor to that declaration is Indian middle order batsman Yuvraj Singh. India was playing England in Group E and it promised to be an absolute cracker of a match. India was in a commanding position at 171-3 after 18 overs when a visible exchange of hopefully the politest words were exchanged between Yuvraj and England captain Andrew Flintoff. This seemed to have come as an aggressive blessing in disguise as Yuvraj proceed to hit Chris Broad off the very next over for six consecutive 6’s, a feat so magical that it stays tattooed to the mind even today. Yuvraj Singh also became the fastest person to reach 50 runs in limited overs cricket after his sixth 6 which took him to his 50 of just 12 balls.

The interesting part of this story is India had joined this tournament directly after their away series vs. England, where in the last game Dimitri Mascarenhas hit Yuvraj Singh's bowling for five 6's in a single over, a remarkable feat. Nobody could have predicted that Yuvraj was to have the last laugh in the very next meeting between the two sides.

India went on to win the tournament, beating Pakistan in a nail-biting final.