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Grandi Momenti Per L'Italia

(Poster dimensions are 24" X 36". Each play is also sold separately on our T-shirts! We've chosen four spectacular moments in Italian futbol history). Some background on each:

11 Lugglio 1982

An evenly matched between Italy and West Germany ended in a scoreless first half Italy took a commanding lead 2-0 lead. Then, a streaking run down the right side of the field by Bruno Conti led to a wide open Alessandro Altobelli, who was brought on as a substitute earlier on in the match. From the top of the box, Altobelli received the pass, and when West Germany’s goal keeper came out to challenge him, Altobelli faked and dribbled from right to left. As the keeper fell to the ground, so did Altobelli-but the ball was already in the back left of the net, sealing Italy’s 3rd World Cup Title.

04 Lugglio 2006

In the 119th minute of this semi-final match against Germany, Italy set up for a corner kick from the right side. The ball was launched into the air, and Italy gained possession in the middle of the box, at the feet of l’architetto, Andrea Pirlo. He dribbled across the top of the box, and as three defenders converged on him, poked it through to Fabio Grosso. From just inside the box on the right side, Grosso curled a brilliant shot beautifully with his left foot that flew over the keeper and into the the back left corner of the net. Italy would go on to defeat the Germans and then defeat France, becoming a 4-time champion.

09 Lugglio 2006


In a hard fought battle the entire match, Italy and France were still even at 1-1 against France in extra time. After a French miss in the second round, Italy led France 4-3. Tournament hero Fabio Grosso carefully placed the ball on the mark, and stepped back until he was at the top of the box. He took a few quick steps and running at the ball, Grosso kicked it deftly with his left foot. The ball sailed into the back of the net, left side. 4-time champions once again! Forza Italia!


14 Febbraio 2014


In the 86th minute of a scoreless match between AC Milan and Bologna, Mario Balotelli scored one of his finest goals. Italian great Montolivo intercepted a pass between two players from Bologna at just over midfield. He looked up and saw Balotelli open to his right, 10 yards away. Mario received the pass, took two touches to gather himself, and noticed that no one was attempting to mark him. From 15 yards outside the box, he crushed the ball with his right foot. The shot passed between two defenders and the outstretched goalie's hand as it curved into the top left of the net. AC Milan went on to win the game, thanks in part to Balotelli's magnificent goal.