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Super Mario

In the 86th minute of a scoreless match between AC Milan and Bologna, Mario Balotelli scored one of the most impressive goals of his career so far. Italian great Montolivo intercepted a pass between two players from Bologna at just over midfield. He looked up and saw Balotelli open to his right, 10 yards away. As you know, if Mario Balotelli is unmarked anywhere over the midfield line, he should get the ball. Mario received the pass, took two touches to gather himself, and noticed that no one was attempting to mark him. Bad decision. From 15 yards outside the box, he crushed the ball with his right foot. The shot passed between two defenders and the outstretched goalie's hand as it curved into the top left of the net. AC Milan went on to win the game, thanks in part to Balotelli's magnificent goal. Playmaker: Tommy S.