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Music City Miracle

Having just scored to take a 16-15 lead with 16 seconds on the game clock, it was over. All the away team had to do was kick it off and finish the upset win. But the home team had other plans, a trick play up their sleeve that would forever be remembered as the “Music City Miracle.” Catching the kickoff on the 25 yard line, the initial returner ran to his right, stopped, and handed it off to a teammate on same line as him, who then then scrambled back, looked across the field and tossed a controversial lateral pass to another wide-open teammate on the opposite sideline, who then ran the ball 75 yards to score with 3 seconds remaining. This play was controversial, because the lateral was as close as it could possibly be without the ball going forward illegally. After a long review by the officials, the no-call was upheld, and the team from the Music City could forever covet its miracle play. Playmaker: Mike D.