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History for the West Indies Cricket Team! They became the only team to have won the T20 World Cup twice, gratitude to a certain Mr. Braithwaite, who hit 4 consecutive 6's off the final England over, to win the match for West Indies by four wickets.
Braithwaite was on strike needing 19 runs to win from 6 balls, a situation completely against the batting team.
Braithwaite proceeded to strike four out of four balls over the rope, to give the Windies the win with 2 balls to spare.
Almost the entire game was arguably dominated by England, and West
Indies never really looked imposing in their run chase of 156. It was such an unbelievable feat that the entire crowd was visibly lost in amazement and excitement, as they tried to gather how the entire
game of over 3 hours had flipped on it’s head in under 5 minutes. Ian Bishop’s commentary perfectly matches this unforgettable moment with our tagline for this piece being inspired by his words