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The Minneapolis Miracle

In Minnesota's playbook, the play is called "7 Heaven" -- a sideline route where the receiver gets out of bounds and sets up the field goal unit. But after a miraculous catch, sideline sprint and walk-off TD, the moment is simply known as the Minneapolis Miracle.

For four quarters, the 66,000 fans who packed the U.S. Bank Stadium were caught in an emotional rollercoaster in this divisional round between Minnesota and New Orleans. After trailing 17-0 heading into the third quarter, the Saints mounted a rally and took the lead with 25 seconds left to go in the game, 24-21. Cursed. It looked like another playoff exit for Minnesota.

And then the Miracle happened.

It came in the form of a game-winning 61-yard touchdown pass and gave the Vikings the 29-24 victory and a chance to play for a conference championship and bring home the Lombardi Trophy. The pass. The catch. The race down the side line. The electric moment for all Minnesota fans who will never forget where they were and what they saw.

7 Heaven.

The Minneapolis Miracle.

We're calling it one of the greatest moments in franchise history.