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Top 25 All-time Great Plays!

When considering all of the sports, leagues, teams, and eras that make up Sports, there is no wonder that there are well over 2 billion sports fans around the world.  Likewise, there are countless all-time great plays. Some transcend others, etched - no, branded - in our memories as astounding athletic feats. 

At XvsOsports, it is all about The Play. How it happened. The movements of the player and his or her teammates. The path of the ball or the puck. The defensive strategy, or lapses. Of course, we also celebrate what it meant (the goal, the assist, the touchdown, home run, swish, stuff, or the amazing stop) to the player and to the team.

So, enjoy our Top 25 Greatest Sports Plays! You'll no many of them, and you'll enjoy viewing and reading more about those that are less familiar.