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Boston - 4 Sports, 4 Iconic Plays (Orr, Bird, Ortiz, Butler)

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We've chosen four iconic moments from four sports for our first Boston poster. Here's some background:

Flying Goal (04/10/1970): Boston would make quick work of their opponents from St. Louis, winning their 4th Cup in four games, but this final game would extend to overtime. 40 seconds into the extra period the Hall of Famer and greatest defenseman goal scorer of all-time received back to his stick the give-and-go pass from his teammate and scored the winning goal. While doing so he was tripped and sent flying in mid-air in front of the goal.

Go Ahead Layup (03/26/1987): Just five seconds left in the 5th game of the conference finals, the away team clung to at 107-106 lead at the Garden, hoping to steal a win away so that it could close out the series at home. The point guard inbounded the pass. Boston's Hall of Fame forward, seeing that the inbound pass was tossed lazily, got there first, stole the ball and laid it up and in the basket, taking the lead and winning the game. Boston would later win yet another championship.

ALCS Championship (10/17/2004): With hope all but lost for the home town team, the speedster had stolen second and eventually scored, tying the game at 4 in this 4th game of the league championship series. This walk-off home run by Boston's extraordinary slugger won the game, and began an utterly improbable 0-3 championship series comeback that would ultimately reverse “The Curse” with their first World Series championship since 1918.

Goal Line Stand (02/01/2015): The wide receivers were stacked in hopes of running a pick on the right side of the field to draw defensive backs away, but the cornerback closest to the offense blocked a wide receiver at the line of scrimmage, preventing him from reaching the secondary back. The receiver looked open as the QB threw him the ball, but before it arrived the defensive back read the play perfectly, making the most meaningful interception in pro football history, on its grandest stage.