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Larsson’s Classic Chip

During the 2000/2001 campaign and now under the control of Martin O’Neill, Celtic was looking to ascend the throne of Scottish Football royalty once again. The way to do this? They had to defeat their archrivals, Rangers, and prove to everyone that they were back!

The match went down in history, dubbed as the ‘Demolition Derby,’ as Celtic throttled Rangers 6-2, and also displayed one of the greatest goals in recent Celtic history, Henrik Larsson’s classic chip.

After Celtic’s goalkeeper corralled the ball from an attempted Rangers cross, he cleared it downfield. It was collected by Sutton with little between him and the goal as Larsson came streaking down the center of the pitch. Recognising this, Sutton beautifully laid the ball off and Larsson did the rest. Pushing the ball forward, around a defender one way and going the other, Larsson only had the Rangers keeper to navigate. A chip did the trick, as the ball lofted over the goalie and into the back of the net. Celtic were back, and Larsson’s goal etched in history!