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Magic Messi (FC Barcelona)

In 2010, against Zaragoza, Messi recorded his second hat-trick in consecutive games, scoring his first goal in the first 5 minutes. The most of amazing of the three came in the 66th minute. After Barcelona interrupted a Zaragoza pass, Messi managed to wedge himself between an opposing player and the ball. As they fought for possession just over midfield, Messi ripped the ball away and took off toward goal.

As he dribbled down the left side of the field, three defenders stood between him and the goal. The first defender attempted a slide tackle, but Messi changed the ball direction by tapping it to the left and then dribbled at full speed past him. The second defender met him at the top of the box. Messi stopped, instantly changing direction to the right, leaving the defender spinning behind him. Before the third defender could arrive, Messi launched a left-foot shot that rocketed under the goalie's outstretched hands into the back of the net. Playmaker: Tommy S.