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Bluegrass Miracle (LSU vs. Kentucky)

A late field goal put the home team from Kentucky up 30-27 over the 2001 defending conference champions from Baton Rouge. After a short kick return and quick pass reception, two seconds remained. The home team’s fans had already started climbing down from the stands, getting ready to storm the field, while players dumped celebratory Gatorade on the home team coach. The visitors called one last play - “Dash right, 93 Berlin”. The quarterback dropped back from his own 25 yard line. 4 receivers streaked down the field. His bomb sailed down the field, partially deflected by a defender. But on the 15 yard line a receiver collected the ball and ran into the end zone as time expired. Visiting team wins, 33-30. Unaware, jubilant home team fans - assuming they had won the game - had already stormed the field to rip up the goal post as the ball was thrown. Playmaker: David H.