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First College TD (Georgia,/Walker, Tennesse)

A truer freshman rusher there had never been. He was inserted into his first college football game in the second quarter, his team trailing 15-2. A long 16 yards from the end zone, he took the hand-off and found a hole. He ran over the first defender, and the next one (an all-ACC defender) for good measure. He then blasted his way through the last two, their attempts to bring him down, futile.

“My God, a FRESHMAN!” exclaimed the announcer. They went on to win the game 16-15. The 3-time All American led his team to the 1980 national championship, won the 1982 Heisman, and went on to gain 20,130 yards, (13,787) rushing and (6,343) receiving, in two professional football leagues. What a way to start it off. Playmaker: Tarek D.