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Saving Perfection (Ohio State vs. Purdue)

The undefeated powerhouse was trailing the unranked home team from West Lafayette 6-3 with 1:44 left in the game. Stuck in a long 4th and 1 situation, a field goal would tie the game, sending it to overtime. A run might pick up the long yard needed. Failure to convert either would likely result in a devastating loss, and an end to an undefeated season.

The visiting team’s QB lined up under center, dropped back, and then moved forward as the pocket collapsed around him. He released a bullet to his wide receiver who caught the ball in stride as he crossed the goal line, taking a 9-6 lead and stunning the fans in West Lafayette. The 37-yard touchdown kept the undefeated season alive for an offense that had struggled all day, and the team from Columbus went on to win the National Championship, becoming the first Division 1-A football team to finish a perfect 14-0 season. Playmaker: Matthew J.