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Puntrooskie (Florida State vs. Clemson)

The game tied at 21 with 1:33 remaining, the 10th ranked visiting team lined up at their own 21 yard line in punt formation against their 3rd ranked opponent. Instead of safely punting the ball away as the entire stadium expected, the offense pulled one of the greatest trick plays in the history of college football. After the snap, the punter faked, acting as if the ball had sailed over his head when it had actually been snapped directly to the fullback 4 yards behind the center, who handed it off to the other back. After running 78 yards down the left sideline he was finally tackled out of bounds at the 4 yard line. A few plays later the visitors kicked a field goal, leaving with a 3 point victory. The play remains an all-time college football favorite, and not just for fans of the school in Tallahassee! Playmaker: Matt J.