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About XvsOSports

We re-create iconic plays and moments in sports using our own unique style so that fans can celebrate their favorites, display them and wear them as well.

Each play illustration includes colorful written descriptions, so feel free to view our entire portfolio and read about each one. If you fall in love with a play we hope you buy the shirt (and poster, in some cases), usually under $25.00.

Over 140 of "the best of the best" plays and their descriptions are brought together in "The Playbook: Illustrations of Great Plays and Moments In Sports History," our oversized 296 page "Coffee Table" style book that will captivate your favorite sports fan for hours on end. Check it out on Amazon!

We also offer custom products (e.g., your own or your team's greatest play!) for wholesale and retail purchase for all levels of sport, including professional, collegiate and youth sports.

XvsO Concepts Inc. produces a consistent product displayed in designs containing “X” and “O” symbols placed on playing surfaces and including corresponding dates and location clues. Our product concept is fully protected under copyright law as “Works of Art.”  X VS O Sports® is a registered trademark of XvsO Concepts Inc. (U.S. Serial Number 86822549).

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Sports fans,

We're a fun business with a unique and original product concept. We carefully research great plays and moments in sports history and illustrate them on shirts, posters and in The Playbook, our 296 page "coffee table" sized book.

Nearly 200 plays covering all our sports, over 65 USA sports towns and 15 countries are displayed on this unique website.

Mark came up with the idea. He’s a graphic designer by profession, an artist, and loves the aesthetic qualities of amazing plays just as much as coaches enjoy drawing them up, players enjoy executing them, and fans enjoy watching them and recalling the stories behind them. Mark's friend Chris loves to write. Together, and with the help of many others, we present to you these iconic plays, and the stories behind them. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the teams, players and coaches who dedicate their careers to achieving such levels of athletic brilliance.

Thanks for your interest.


Chris & Mark

PS - If you don't see your favorite play(s) in our inventory, please email us at We are also happy to custom design great plays and moments for amateur sports teams, players and parents.