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Keep Away, Trombone! (Cal vs. Stanford)

It was the “craziest” ending of any college football game, with even the band getting in on the action! Up 20-19 after scoring a field goal with 4 seconds left, the home team needed only to stop the kick-off return to seal the victory. The kicker squibbed it, picked up by a player from the visiting team who, recalling a game played by the team during practices decided that rather than try to run for the touchdown himself, he would begin a high-stakes game of “keepaway” against the home team. And so they did. The ball moved between four players before that very same player who began the keep-away game received the ball back. But while all this was going on, the home team’s band, assuming the game was over, had already entered onto the field to celebrate what they thought was a narrow victory. The unlikely play continued down the field, and as the player scored, he ran over the band’s trombone player. The visiting team won the game 25-20, with their opponent and its band bruised and befuddled. Playmaker: Mark G.