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Miracle on Ice (US Olympic Team Wins 4-3)

MIRACLE ON ICE This United States vs. Soviet Union hockey medal round battle was arguably the most exciting game in the history of hockey, the Olympic Games, and some would say in all of sport. For America and much of the world, it was more than just a hockey game. “Cold War” politics and the definitions of “amateur athlete” aside (impossible?), the United States was the decided underdog in this one. The Soviets, comprised of players paid by industrial and military organizations to just play hockey, had beaten the USA’s roster of college players in an exhibition game (at Madison Square Garden) just three days before the
Olympics began - by the wide margin of 10-3.They had even beaten professional hockey’s all-stars. But on this day, Lake Placid was the place where dreams became reality and a miracle was witnessed. Team USA would score this late goal, never look back, and take home the gold two days later - for their iconic coach, for their nation and for the Free World. Playmaker: Paul D.