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Perfect Corners (Beckham)

This incredible European Cup finals match was played at Camp Nou, Barcelona. Down 1-0 into injury time, the brilliant striker for the team from Manchester lofted a first corner kick to one player, who mishit the ball in front of the goal. It bounced out to the top of the penalty area, was kicked back toward goal, redirected off another teammate’s foot and deposited ito the bottom corner of the net at 90+0.36.

And then, it happened again. At 90+2.17, he lofted a second corner kick from the same side that found a teammate’s head, who nodded it down and across the goal, finding his teammate’s foot, sending it to the roof of the goal. Two goals, on two corner kicks, in just over two minutes of stoppage time. Stunned, their opponents lay in anguish on the ground, barely able to continue: victory had been theirs. Even the Trophy required immediate attention, as the wrong team’s ribbons adorned it. Playmaker: Chris S.